Vitmin International is a company dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle with the aid of the latest concept of nutritional supplements..

We work together with the Institute of Nutritional Science and its Director Dr. K. Steven Whiting, who has formulated a range of unique products that are based on the lastest scientific findings. These products are marketed under the Phoenix Label.

Vitmin International has the exclusive marketing rights of the Phoenix Label in the European Union (EU).

We believe that the key to "Good Health" consists of three basic elements:

  • Good and nourishing food intake

  • Regular exercise

  • Food Supplements

Vitmin International recommends the use of Quality Food Supplements for the following reasons:

  • Our lifestyle eating habits includes, too often, too much food containing Refined Carbohydrates over a long period of time

  • Our environment is getting more and more polluted

  • Our Lifestyle often creates high levels of stress

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